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How to beat the bullies & create safe and inclusive environments – IKYA Live – Episode 53 – how to stop bullying

Bullying is an increasing problem all over the world: in schools, in the work place, in social arenas and on social media. Most of us have either experienced or known someone who has been bullied. Some of us may even have taken part in bullying without realizing it. Bullying can cause severe trauma and change someone’s sense of who they are for life. Several decades of raised awareness around this issue has not seemed to help.

What is it about bullying in all its variations that seems to be such an engrained part of human behavior that we can’t stop it? Or can we stop it?

And how might looking at this very human behavior from the spiritual perspective help us to see how to actually stop the bullies for good?

In IKYA Live, we unpack the news of the day and study the spiritual principles at play. Spiritual teacher IKYA assists us to see a bigger picture and take a higher perspective so that we may grow and heal more directly and assist others in the same. Join the conversation!

See you at IKYA Live on Monday at 19:00 Oslo time!

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Apr 22

I am really looking forward to this episode. See y'all soon!

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