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Join the most advanced level of spiritual education on our planet, guided by Enlightened Master and teacher IKYA.

Starting 14 August 2024.

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Are you ready for your enlightened journey?

You are a being of spiritual freedom and eternal wisdom. Higher consciousness is your birthright. Awaken your full potential through the most advanced and comprehensive spiritual training on the planet.

This beautiful education is your chance to study intimately with IKYA, a Spiritual Master dedicated to activating your unique path and your spiritual goals. 

Enlightened Master and spiritual teacher IKYA

Join the global awakening

If you are sensing the awakening of the planet and of your own spirit – and you want to be part of lifting this world to a higher level – then this education is for you.

As you go deeper into these studies you will be invited to participate in divine service for all life and given training on both the inner and in your outer life.

IKYA and the spiritualMasters will train you throughthese advanced teachings.

It will be challenging. Your life will be rearranged to become a dedicated arena for your spiritual studies. No beliefs. No dogma. No fluff.

Only what works to bring you to the highest possible consciousness available to you.

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Each month you will study new principles and practices and dive into new spaces to explore. As each teaching unfolds, you will discover the principles coming alive in the details of your everyday life such that you can examine the dynamics in real time. 

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Each selected and personally aligned crystal in this education functions as a concrete study tool.  It helps you connect with and digest the teachings more efficiently. The crystals hold space and maintain your spiritual channel so your efforts and results get amplified. Working with crystals in this way is on another level and will open new doors and dimensions in your consciousness. 

The Teachings

The IKYA Teachings are infinitely complex and incorporate physics and other sciences together with the advanced knowledge of the spiritual traditions and higher consciousness. Over time you get to truly understand the very fabric of existence. From there you learn how to live in a state of ever-expanding awareness. 

IKYA shares the deepest and most complex spiritual teachings from the secret traditions, presented in a way that enables you to learn faster and advance beyond what you thought possible.


Personally aligned gemstones

IKYA Aligned Gemstones are professional grade gemstones and crystals restructured and programmed to become vehicles representing their respective Mother Crystals on the planet.


They work on a higher level because they are channeling the energy, vibration and purpose directly from the source, and their effects are thereby enormously more powerful than what the individual gemstone would represent on its own. 

If you seek truth—and are willing to work for it—this is where you begin.

Welcome home. Join our community of spiritual explorers who journey without religion, traditions or belief systems.

Rick, one of our dedicated IKYA students
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Rick, 67 y.o.
"A lifetime spent exploring monasteries, churches, mosques, cathedrals, temples, synagogues, and teepees, led me to this study, the most practical and profound teaching I have encountered."
Anne, one our dedicated IKYA students
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Anne, 37 y.o.
"The Crystal course is life changing. With the crystals and IKYA's teachings I am able to unfold my potentials more and more every single day."
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Miriam, 35 y.o.
Florian, one of our dedicated IKYA students
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Florian, 34 y.o.
"These IKYA aligned crystals have guided me in growing beyond the boy and becoming a man - a deeply loving, playful and humbling experience."
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Marie, 50 y.o.