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Advanced spirituality is weird.

Most advanced spiritual education on the planet:

IKYA Crystal - Collection - one-year study

Check it out at

The full video teaching is here:

Spiritual teacher IKYA explores the tension between societal norms and the pursuit of spiritual growth, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals navigating unconventional paths. The Enlightened Master emphasizes the importance of confronting skepticism and embracing the courage to explore beyond traditional boundaries. IKYA encourages you to challenge your own beliefs and biases, advocating for a bold and intelligent approach to spiritual evolution. Ultimately, he champions the idea of breaking free from societal constraints and embracing the journey towards personal awakening with determination and curiosity.

Enlightened Master IKYA reminds us that anything beyond our current understanding is weird, scary, abnormal and natural to reject or to be skeptical of. So what? Dive into advanced spiritual study anyway so you can stretch beyond horizontal reality.

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