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Learn and practice the most powerful mantras on Earth, taught by enlightened master and spiritual teacher IKYA.




Learn mantras from secret societies, ancient civilizations and other planets.

You'll get in-depth teachings on how to work with them.

Each mantra holds the key to new spiritual principles.

These are mantras for our time.

They activate your highest consciousness and open your life to love, growth and healing.

One teaching each month

Participate in-person at IKYA Center or Online.

One workshop each month

Practice and discuss together with other IKYA students.

Re-watch teachings whenever you want.

You'll get access to our learning platform where all teachings are immediately available.

The Course

Elevate global consciousness with transformative vibrations.

Get in alignment with your spiritual aspirations and goals.

Unleash your inner strengths and insights on the path to true enlightenment.

Integrate a mantra practice beyond meditation, with guidance from IKYA.

Students' experiences

The first time I sang the mantra I entered a state that seemed like an initiation process for my inner healer. I was singing by myself in the forest. Surrounded by nature I was able to hold myself trough a deep transformational journey that lasted for hours. The ripples lasted a month and took me to new places within myself and the world around me. 

I can not say that the mantra itself cascaded these processes, because I did several things for the first time during this sitting, but it may not be a coincident that I started using new and effectful tools just then.


When I work with mantra and crystals from IKYA, the reality I'm in changes immediately, I feel and experience how I become different in expression.

The sensation of my self and the experience of my surrounding life in which I walk changes drastically in the light of the mantras and crystals as I work with them.

I also experience more and more constantly that other parts of my future life are manifesting much faster, I can more and more consciously take "control" in the manifestation process in a more and more straight path.

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The mantras have a calming effect on me. They assist me in being more centered in myself. I have always liked using my voice to get connected. Singing the mantras, the concept of vibrations gets very concrete as I feel the vibrations in my physical body as well as I hear the sound of my own voice and at the same time I sometimes experience that I touch on to other dimensions. A couple of times I have very clearly heard a choir - a nice and fun confirmation that I’m not alone. The mantras help me connecting body and soul and coming in to the meeting point of the horizontal and vertical.

* Based on exchange rate on 29 March 2023.
from NOK 1.280 / month
(approx. $128 / month)
If not currently in an IKYA course,
from NOK 1.080 / month
(approx. $108 / month)
If you're currently in a course,

Join the One Year
​Mantra Course

Common Questions

  • This teaching is about 1 1/2 hours long and presents both the mantra how to work with it and it's key principles.

  • The workshops are held by IKYA students, where we sing the mantra together and share insights. The workshops last one hour.

  • Every teaching and workshop can be attended physically at IKYA Center on Skøyen west in Oslo, Norway, or online LIVE via Zoom streaming.

    While physical attendance is strongly recommended if it is possible for you, engaging this course online anywhere on the planet is also extremely potent and powerful for your personal spiritual journey.

  • During the entire year of study, online access to the teaching through our course platform,, provides you constant contact with the teachings for repeat and review and deeper integration. This free access included with the course ends at the conclusion of the course when you can subscribe for a fee for continued access.

  • Teachings with IKYA

    Tuesdays 18:00 – 20:00 (Oslo time UTC +1)

    10 October 2023 (intro evening with IKYA)
    24 October (mantra 1)
    21 November
    19 December
    23 January 2024
    20 February
    19 March
    23 April
    28 May
    6 August
    3 September

    Workshop with IKYA students
    Tuesdays 19:00-20:00 Oslo time (UTC +1)

    7 November 2023 (mantra 1)
    5 December
    9 January 2024
    6 February
    5 March
    9 April
    14 May
    11 June
    25 June
    20 August
    17 September

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