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Bring your friends and let’s get together with IKYA Live!

Spirituality today is to be an active part of the world,  participating in bringing in values and ways of living that assists in the evolution of humans, healing and growth! 

  • Watch IKYA Live together

  • Discuss the world today from a spiritual perspective

  • Joint forces with other who like to be a part of the innovation and healing


Scheduled upcoming IKYA LIVE Watchparty dates are:

29. May, 11. Sept, 23. Oct, 18. Dec


Do you long for a deeper connection with who you truly are? To experience living a life of purpose, love and joy?

Experience deep spiritual healing with IKYA Treatments!
Our overarching goal is to facilitate reaching your highest level of healing and unfoldment in your life.

7. July: Munich

8 - 9 July: Kolbermoor

8 - 9 Sept: Munich

10 -11 Sept: Kolbermoor

20 - 21 Oct: Munich 

22 - 23 Oct: Kolbermoor

15 - 16 Dec: Munich 

17 - 18 Dec: Kolbermoor


We are working with our deepest blockages, patterns and programs that stops us from being fully present in our bodies and in our life.

Time: 120 min
Price: 295 euro

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IKYA is a method within vibrational medicine that works with your consciousness and all that lies behind manifestation. IKYA gives you the opportunity to release your own inner self-healing. We map out the patterns, cycles and unfolding of your life’s path, diving into the core of your life processes. 

Time: 90 min

Price: 245 euro

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Bodywork is a treatment that works with your body as the learning arena. The body is the junction between your inner and outer universe and will manifest and mirror the conversations you have in your life's process.

Time: 90 min
Price: 245 euro

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An IKYA Doula offers an expanded doula service that is completely unique in the world. An IKYA Doula works to facilitate the incarnation process in a larger context, where deep healing and growth becomes possible for the whole family.​ 

Time: Upon agreement
Price: Upon agreement

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IKYA Aligned Space Clearing is a method for balancing and adjusting your home, office or garden, and brings balance and harmony to your surroundings. The method’s premise is that all elements and levels of life can work harmoniously together.

Time: 90-120 min
Price: per session, private or business -- please inquire

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Marie works internationally as an IKYA Therapist and with IKYA Doula, Bodywork, Tantra, De-armouring and facilitating IKYA workshops.


She has worked closely with the Enlightened Master IKYA since 2000. IKYA has trained her comprehensively through life and through walking her own path. In her study with IKYA and working to assist others as a therapist and workshop facilitator for decades, Marie has gained insight and expertise on how to work with oneself when in a process of awakening. She has learned how to assist her clients to grow and heal in alignment with their true path and to discover more of what they truly are.

With deep love and passion for all life, she offers IKYA therapies and workshops all over the world. She is aligned to the shift of consciousness we are in today, assisting people and the planet in releasing the old, and in healing, redefining and incarnating the new.

IKYA Therapist & Host of IKYA Germany Weekend


Isa Uhlig

IKYA treatments are awesome. No matter how much I am stuck or in a bad condition before a treatment, afterwards I always want to hug the whole world. I have no idea what is really going on, but each time during a treatment I sense a big shift in my whole system; getting much lighter, calmed down and opened up. Receiving a treatment helps me connect deeper with my heart, my true self and also to release tension in my body.  It is not only the work of the therapist on my whole system, but also the advice and hints I get on how to go beyond my patterns and how to change behavior in daily life that are so precious. Thanks so much for this amazing treatment Marie Minagawa".


Anette Myrvang Rennesund

Marie is a wonderful IKYA practitioner, with long experience with whom I had many sessions. She has a comfortable calm and is super-steady and accurate in her work. I can feel the effect from the treatment both while she is working and long after. The words she says really hit the points and make me see things from other perspectives, in addition to what happens purely energetically in my system.
We have also received Space Clearing by Marie. The effect was striking! When we got home, we really felt the home was much "clearer", and the space was much more open for the whole family. Really recommend Marie warmly!

Nurse & Midwife

Kerstin Ilgenfritz

Watching IKYAs live broadcasts on current topics and developments together as a group, is a good opportunity to discuss and deepen our own insights. By sharing and asking questions or reviewing our findings together, the relevance these insights have on our personal lives in different ways becomes a lot more tangible. Lovely to get together in an open and appreciative atmosphere

Heilpraktikerin Osteopathin

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