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Payment options
Invoices sent by email. Shipping costs come in addition.

One-time payment 
Total kr 46 680
(equates to kr 3 890 / month)

12 payments
Total kr 51 480

(kr 4 290 / month)

With IKYA Personal Alignment
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5 June 2023 is the deadline for sign up that guarantees delivery of your crystals.


Terms of invoicing and payment

We will send first invoices later in spring 2023, in April, May or June.

You are agreeing to paying the full price of this course in IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 4 as pertaining to your choice of personal alignment and invoicing options. For all options, shipping costs come in addition and will be invoiced separately.

Payment by lump sum invoice (NOK 46.680 or 35.880) will have a payment deadline of 14 days from the date of issue of the invoice, unless otherwise requested by the client. Shipping costs come in addition and are invoiced separately.

Payment of the full purchase price by monthly invoice (12 invoices of either NOK 4.290 or 3.260) will have 14-day payment deadlines. This 12-payments option does not equate to a subscription that can be cancelled. Rather, you are agreeing to pay the full price of the course (NOK 51.480 or 39.120), plus shipping costs, in monthly installments, whether you complete the course or not. Cancellation of your payment after the course has begun is not permitted, even if you choose to withdraw your participation from the course.

Signing up now is your binding legal and financial agreement of purchase of the entire course of IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 4.

By Norwegian law, you have a 14-day grace period after date of your online signup in which you can ask for a full cancellation and refund of your purchase. After 14 days, your purchase is non-refundable and non-cancelable, including the monthly payment option. Payment by invoice is be due in full until the full cost of the course is paid.

Further Terms & Conditions

In order to comply with privacy regulations in the European Union, we'll need you to provide consent before confirming you to our e-mail list. 


By subscribing, you agree to let us use the data you provided to send you information that we think will be interesting or useful to you. Promotional emails about our products and services. We’ll send you occasional emails about promotions, new products, and partnerships.

You agree to let us send personal one-to-one communications to you. Examples of this may include sending you mail address verification messages, and replying to queries sent from your mail address.

If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, you can unsubscribe from the marketing list at any time.

Information on recording and use of materials under copyright protection. Owner of materials under copyright protection:
IKYA AS, Oslo, Norway,

User of IKYA’s materials under copyright protection: you who are agreeing to these terms.

All methodology, techniques, principles, concepts, models, teachings, recordings (audio, video, photo) and other primary and secondary materials and products presented by IKYA, are products based on IKYA’s original materials, and are the sole property of IKYA and protected by copyright law, without exception or limitation.

These protections apply absolutely and immediately upon creation by IKYA and apply regardless of whether User agrees to the protections. Distribution of any of IKYA’s materials in any form or by any channel is strictly prohibited without explicit consent from IKYA.

Personal audio or video recording of any of IKYA’s materials is strictly prohibited. Any such recordings that may exist are the sole property of IKYA and also protected by copyright law.

Confidentiality Agreement

Through the membership in IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing, you are required of confidentiality related to the work, information, materials, processes and shared information from the participants.

You commit yourself to relate to what you experience, information that is shared officially and unofficially and what you see, as confidential.

Violation of this Confidentiality Agreement will lead to initiation of necessary action by IKYA AS.

Online access to course materials at IKYA Learning (

Online access to course materials, both audio and video, is included in the price of and for the duration of this year-long course. Online access to course materials expires at the end of the course period. After the completion of the course, an option to pay for subscription access will be made available.


Angrerett ifølge norsk lov (Norway only)

Du har rett til å gå fra denne avtalen innen 14 dager uten å oppgi noen grunn for dette. Angrefristen utløper 14 dager etter avtalens inngåelse.

For å kunne bruke angreretten må du underrette oss: IKYA AS, Karenslyst alle 9B, 0278 Oslo,, +4740195441 på en utvetydig måte om din beslutning om å gå fra avtalen (f.eks. i et brev sendt med e-post).

Du kan benytte det tilsendte angreskjemaet, men det er ikke obligatorisk. For å overholde angrefristen er det tilstrekkelig at du sender meldingen om at du vil bruke angreretten før angrefristen utløper.

Dersom du går fra denne avtalen, skal vi tilbakebetale alle betalinger vi har mottatt fra deg, herunder leveringskostnadene, uten unødig opphold og i alle tilfeller senest 14 dager etter den dag vi mottar melding om din beslutning om å gå fra denne avtalen.

Vi foretar tilbakebetalingen med samme betalingsmiddel som du benyttet ved den opprinnelige transaksjonen, med mindre du uttrykkelig har avtalt noe annet med oss.

I alle tilfeller vil du ikke bli pålagt noe gebyr som følge av tilbakebetalingen.

Vi kan holde tilbake tilbakebetalingen til vi har fått varene tilbake, eller til du har lagt fram dokumentasjon på at varene er sendt tilbake, eller til det av disse tidspunktene som inntreffer først.

Du må returnere varene eller levere dem til oss uten unødig opphold og i alle tilfeller senest 14 dager etter den dag du underrettet oss om at du ville gå fra avtalen. Fristen er overholdt dersom du sender tilbake varene før fristen på 14 dager er utløpt.

Du må bære de direkte kostnadene ved å returnere varene.

Dersom du har anmodet om at utførelsen av tjenestene skal påbegynnes før angrefristen utløper, skal du betale oss et beløp som står i forhold til det som er utført eller levert fram til du underrettet oss om at du ønsket å gå fra avtalen, sammenlignet med full oppfyllelse av avtalen.


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