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Wed, May 31



REGISTER Open House with IKYA about IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 4

Open House with IKYA. Ask all your questions about IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 4!

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REGISTER Open House with IKYA about IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 4
REGISTER Open House with IKYA about IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 4

Time & Location

May 31, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Ullern, Karenslyst Allé 9B, 0278 Oslo, Norway


About the event

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Physical address: IKYA Center, Karenslyst allé 9B, 4th floor, 0278 Oslo, Norway

Online link for direct engagement: Also streaming on YouTube Live:

FREE open house about this life-changing course with Enlightened Master IKYA. Ask your questions and learn more about how this year-long study can elevate your spiritual journey to new heights. For most students, this course is the most important education in which they ever have – and ever will – engage in this lifetime.

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Pricing for this course is below at the end of this description.

Option of personal alignment of your gemstones: We strongly recommend that you choose IKYA Personal Alignment of your crystals. The difference is noticeable. Your crystals receive additional personal alignment by IKYA, which programs and dedicates your gemstones to your individual spiritual journey. The crystals become more like energetic organs, continuously filtering your energy and being part of your process. Over time, you will build your own collection of IKYA Aligned Gemstone spheres to enjoy in your own healing process.

The choice is yours at sign-up.

Now, details about the course...

Join us for the most exciting crystal course on the planet!

We welcome you to take part in this life-changing experience that will bring you to higher levels of advanced spiritual work. Everybody can join. It is not a requirement to have taken part in previous collections.

Whether you are new to crystals or have worked with them your entire life, this course will lift you to a new level of inspiration. Studying with IKYA and receiving one crystal per month is a truly unique opportunity to explore spiritual principles and, ultimately, yourself. Each month you enter a new space of energy, a new principle and a new approach to your own spiritual journey. You get to experience assistance directly from the Gemstone Guardians and to work closely with the spiritual teachings from each Guardian in your own life. For each crystal you are introduced to, your insight and consciousness grows.

What many participants experience as completely mind-blowing is that the IKYA Aligned Gemstone spheres work on their own. They connect with you and assist you with your karma even when you feel you don’t know how to do your part. All these participants can tell stories about how the aligned crystals are operating with their own awareness and presence, concretely intervening and guiding in ways beyond anything they have previously experienced. IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing IS the next level in crystal teachings.

This course makes advanced spiritual studies easy to access. Participants experience that hard-to-grasp spiritual concepts become relatable and something you can touch and feel. The aligned crystal is a physical object and presence that works with you through your consciousness, mind, emotions, body and life. You get to bring your spiritual studies into reality, practicing and living it every day.

The course: This journey of education spans 25 evenings and introduces entirely new information from the Gemstone Guardians, never before revealed. The consciousness on the planet is changing faster, and this course teaches you how to work with crystals and gemstones based on the times we live in, our current consciousness and where the planet is heading.

Traditionally, most crystal information is suffering-based, focused on how to heal, how to let go, how to grow out of pain and blockages. The Guardians are now focusing on the next step in human unfoldment. IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing concentrates on how to incarnate a higher consciousness on the planet and how to be in service.

By attending this course, you will become part of the healing force that represents the purpose of crystals and gemstones for this planet and its lifeforms.

You will enter an advanced level of understanding of these living, healing organisms, and you will gain insights into how to collaborate more deeply with them. If you feel a dedication to crystals and to their healing powers, then this course is for you.

If you feel a dedication to unfolding consciousness and to being in service but are not yet introduced to the powers of crystals, then this course is also for you.

This one-year course consists of: - One 2 1/2 hour introductory evening on how to work with crystals generally, at the beginning of the course - One 2 1/2 hour evening class per month, with the first teaching from the Gemstone Guardian for that month - One 2 hour follow-up workshop per month, with additional teaching from that month’s crystal, plus sharing and questions - Every teaching and workshop can be attended physically at IKYA Center and online LIVE via Google Meet streaming - Every meeting will be recorded and posted at our platform, IKYA Learning ( to watch as often as you like for the whole year! Online access to course material expires at the end of this year-long course.

For one whole year, you will study in depth one crystal or gemstone for an entire month at a time — 12 crystals in total. Included as part the course, you will receive one IKYA Aligned Gemstone sphere each month.

IKYA Aligned Gemstones are professional grade gemstones and crystals restructured and programmed to become vehicles representing their respective Mother Crystals on the planet. They work on a higher level because they are channeling the energy, vibration and purpose directly from the source, and their effects are thereby enormously more powerful than what the individual gemstone would represent on its own.

Working with Mother Crystals and Guardians:

You will learn how to receive teachings and guidance directly from the Mother Crystals and Guardians and to become a vehicle for healing on many levels of life and consciousness.

Working with crystals and gemstones is exciting and fun. Many people experience that they connect with vibration, energy and spiritual presence in a very concrete way for the first time. When you immerse yourself in one crystal for a whole month, you will experience that both your inner and outer life becomes aligned and imbued by its presence. You thereby have the opportunity to study and explore your life and yourself through the vibrational field the gemstone represents. When you move on to the next gemstone in the course, you will experience a noticeable shift, and your life studies will be filled and colored by the new crystal. Insight and wisdom will come to you, and your entire life will be a journey of exploration in healing and growth.

Both beginners and advanced lovers of crystals and gemstones will benefit from and greatly enjoy this course. Your dedication to healing and service will expand and open new doors of spiritual mysteries.

Come join us in the amazing world of powerful healing crystals!

Dates and time All teachings and workshops occur at 18:00 Oslo time and last 2-3 hours.

21 June 2023 opening workshop on working with crystals 28 June - Crystal 1 teaching 9 Aug - Crystal 1 workshop 23 Aug - Crystal 2 teaching 6 Sept - Crystal 2 workshop 20 Sept - Crystal 3 teaching 4 Oct - Crystal 3 workshop 18 Oct - Crystal 4 teaching 1 Nov - Crystal 4 workshop 15 Nov - Crystal 5 teaching 29 Nov - Crystal 5 workshop 13 Dec - Crystal 6 teaching 3 Jan 2024 - Crystal 6 workshop 17 Jan - Crystal 7 teaching 31 Jan - Crystal 7 workshop 14 Feb - Crystal 8 teaching 28 Feb - Crystal 8 workshop 13 March - Crystal 9 teaching 3 April - Crystal 9 workshop 17 April - Crystal 10 teaching 8 May - Crystal 10 workshop 22 May - Crystal 11 teaching 5 June - Crystal 11 workshop 19 June - Crystal 12 teaching 26 June - Crystal 12 workshop

** 5 JUNE 2023 ** Deadline for sign-up that guarantees delivery of your crystals for the first crystal teaching on 8 June.

PRICING FOR THE COURSE (based on your choice of with or without personal alignment of your crystals, and 1 invoice or non-cancelable payment plan of 12 invoices): 4 OPTIONS:

1. With personal alignment -- one invoice NOK 46.680 2. Without personal alignment -- one invoice NOK 35.880 3. With personal alignment -- NOK 51.480 over 12 monthly invoices of NOK 4.290 (non-cancelable payment plan) 4. Without personal alignment -- NOK 39.120 over 12 monthly invoices of NOK 3.260 (non-cancelable payment plan)

Angrerett ifølge norsk lov Du har rett til å gå fra denne avtalen innen 14 dager uten å oppgi noen grunn for dette. Angrefristen utløper 14 dager etter avtalens inngåelse. For å kunne bruke angreretten må du underrette oss: IKYA AS, Karenslyst alle 9B, 0278 Oslo,, +47.40195441 på en utvetydig måte om din beslutning om å gå fra avtalen (f.eks. i et brev sendt med e-post). Du kan benytte det tilsendte angreskjemaet, men det er ikke obligatorisk. For å overholde angrefristen er det tilstrekkelig at du sender meldingen om at du vil bruke angreretten før angrefristen utløper. Dersom du går fra denne avtalen, skal vi tilbakebetale alle betalinger vi har mottatt fra deg, herunder leveringskostnadene, uten unødig opphold og i alle tilfeller senest 14 dager etter den dag vi mottar melding om din beslutning om å gå fra denne avtalen. Vi foretar tilbakebetalingen med samme betalingsmiddel som du benyttet ved den opprinnelige transaksjonen, med mindre du uttrykkelig har avtalt noe annet med oss. I alle tilfeller vil du ikke bli pålagt noe gebyr som følge av tilbakebetalingen. Vi kan holde tilbake tilbakebetalingen til vi har fått varene tilbake, eller til du har lagt fram dokumentasjon på at varene er sendt tilbake, eller til det av disse tidspunktene som inntreffer først. Du må returnere varene eller levere dem til oss uten unødig opphold og i alle tilfeller senest 14 dager etter den dag du underrettet oss om at du ville gå fra avtalen. Fristen er overholdt dersom du sender tilbake varene før fristen på 14 dager er utløpt. Du må bære de direkte kostnadene ved å returnere varene. Dersom du har anmodet om at utførelsen av tjenestene skal påbegynnes før angrefristen utløper, skal du betale oss et beløp som står i forhold til det som er utført eller levert fram til du underrettet oss om at du ønsket å gå fra avtalen, sammenlignet med full oppfyllelse av avtalen.

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