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Deepen the connection to your Karmic journey and Soul with Personal Alignment of your crystals.
Each month there's a new space of energy, principle and approach. 
Get assistance directly from the Gemstone Guardians in your own life.
Bring your spiritual studies into reality, practicing and living it every day.

IKYA will teach you how to receive guidance directly from the Mother Crystals and Guardians.

12 introductions of entirely new information from the Gemstone Guardians, never before revealed. 

The journey of education spans 25 evenings of teachings and workshops in one year. 



You will study and explore your life and yourself through the vibrational field the gemstone represents.


When you immerse yourself in one crystal for a whole month, you will experience that both your inner and outer life becomes aligned and imbued by the crystal's presence.


Insight and wisdom will come to you, and your entire life will be a journey of exploration in healing and growth.

Healing & growth.

You will enter an advanced level of understanding of these living, healing organisms, and you will gain insights into how to collaborate more deeply with them.

Enter advanced levels.

When you move on to the next gemstone in the course, you will experience a noticeable shift, and your life studies will be filled and colored by the new crystal. 

Enter new spaces.

Become part of the healing force for this planet and its lifeforms.

 One Year
Crystal Course

With IKYA Personal Alignment
Learn more

from NOK 3 890 / month
(approx. $375 / month)*

 One Year
​Crystal Course

Without Personal Alignment

from NOK 2 990 / month
(approx. $290 / month)*


Choose Personal Alignment for the optimal study – fully tailored to your unique spiritual journey.

* Based on exchange rate on 29 March 2023.

Crystal care

As a bonus, you'll get a custom IKYA bamboo box and a IKYA Essence Spray — Crystal Cleanse. 

One new crystal each month

The crystal is a vital tool in this advanced spiritual study.

The IKYA Aligned Gemstone is a channel and companion in both receiving and integrating the teachings, while becoming a vibrational organ in your anatomy of consciousness.

About IKYA Aligned Gemstones

IKYA Aligned Gemstones work on a higher level because they are channeling the energy, vibration and purpose directly from the source.

Two live teachings each month

Plus whole year online access to all teachings.

In-person at IKYA Center or Online

2 ½ hour Teaching 

2 ½ hour Workshop


This is how you will experience studying with IKYA and the Gemstone Guardians.


Sometimes it feels like everything is standing still, but I found out that I am on the move. Small steps, but I keep on walking – more flexible and relaxed; more willing to look at things and situations from a different angle. I laugh more, and some things are not so serious anymore. I am more willing to meet life with curiosity instead of resentment, and I am willing to change old patterns.

Read the full reflection


Studying with IKYA is helping me to get in contact with my inner life force, to understand more of what I am and to unfold more of my mature masculinity. Every month I get the opportunity to work on my full potential, to see myself in the mirror and to open my eyes – and I still feel I have not even scratched the surface yet.


Working with IKYA’s teaching in combination with these amazing vibrant crystals have transformed my life in ways I could not even imagine possible. It’s been like living entirely new versions of life every single month, which has not only opened me up and enhanced my ability to grow and transform, but has allowed me to unpack and unfold much more of who I am and what I want to bring into the world.


Spiritually, I’ve grown more this year than any other time in my life. Before I started the course, the whole idea that a beautiful piece of stone could have a big effect on my life, was hard to wrap my head around. But through IKYA’s teachings, I was lifted to the higher perspective and got a more precise language to express myself. Throughout the course I was provided tools to work with what life is serving me, being it through specific methods or points of observation.  


To study with IKYA and the gemstones has helped me to go out from my human patterns and behaviors. With every crystal it is like getting new glasses on every month. You get to see things from a new perspective and you get tools to release blockages. I would recommend the crystal course to anyone that wants to increase their spiritual growth and to reach higher goals in their personal development on this life journey.


I was completely new to crystals before this course. Already the days before the first gemstone, things started to change, and within the first month I had released painful blockages from my past I didn’t thought I was ready to deal with. That was the first of twelve crystals and life is now full of magic, abundance and exciting arenas for training and learning.


If you are looking to make real and lasting changes in your life, take on working with IKYA and the Gemstone Guardians. This is the most practical, profound and effective growth work I have ever done in my life.  It can be confronting, and it will push, coax and tune you beyond your own perceived limits – hoorah! 


Read the full reflection


I had no past experience with crystals, neither as spiritual tools nor generally. These beautiful stone spheres have completely revolutionized my spiritual journey. They make meditation and reflection concrete and deep in a way I have never achieved before on my own.Thank you, IKYA and the Gemstone Guardians!

 Our current students' experiences

IKYA portrait

Take part in this life-changing experience that will bring you to higher levels of advanced spiritual work.

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Common questions

and details

  • This first teaching from the Gemstone Guardian for that month is about 2 1/2 hours long and presents both key principles and guided meditation to take the students through the first two weeks of study with this month's crystal.

  • In this second teaching, IKYA presents further principles from that month’s crystal, plus opens to the students for sharing and insights, plus questions. This workshop lasts 2 to 2 1/2 hours and brings more clarity about how the crystal and its principles are working in the students' lives to assist them in studying more deeply and integrating their learning and growth.

  • Every teaching and workshop can be attended physically at IKYA Center on Skøyen west in Oslo, Norway, or online LIVE via Google Meet streaming. While physical attendance is strongly recommended if it is possible for you, engaging this course online anywhere on the planet is also extremely potent and powerful for your personal spiritual journey.

  • During the entire year of study, online access to the teaching through our course platform,, provides you constant contact with the teachings for repeat and review and deeper integration. This free access included with the course ends at the conclusion of the course when you can subscribe for a fee for continued access.

  • All teachings and workshops occur at 18:00 Oslo time and last 2-3 hours.

    21 June 2023 opening workshop on working with crystals

    28 June - Crystal 1 teaching

    9 Aug - Crystal 1 workshop

    23 Aug - Crystal 2 teaching

    6 Sept - Crystal 2 workshop

    20 Sept - Crystal 3 teaching

    4 Oct - Crystal 3 workshop

    18 Oct - Crystal 4 teaching

    1 Nov - Crystal 4 workshop

    15 Nov - Crystal 5 teaching

    29 Nov - Crystal 5 workshop

    13 Dec - Crystal 6 teaching

    3 Jan 2024 - Crystal 6 workshop

    17 Jan - Crystal 7 teaching

    31 Jan - Crystal 7 workshop

    14 Feb - Crystal 8 teaching

    28 Feb - Crystal 8 workshop

    13 March - Crystal 9 teaching

    3 April - Crystal 9 workshop

    17 April - Crystal 10 teaching

    8 May - Crystal 10 workshop

    22 May - Crystal 11 teaching

    5 June - Crystal 11 workshop

    19 June - Crystal 12 teaching

    26 June - Crystal 12 workshop

  • Included in the cost of the course, you receive a robust fleece bag and wooden ring with each crystal for its protection, plus a custom designed bamboo box with 12 compartments, one for each of your IKYA Aligned Gemstones. We encourage you to store your crystals in this box as a way to allow them to rest and rejuvenate.


    Finally, we include a bottle of specially-designed IKYA Essence Spray - Crystal Cleanse. You can spray your IKYA Aligned Gemstones occasionally with this vibrational spray that helps them to release vibrational processes with which they are assisting you – allowing them to reset. Crystals also enjoy a cold water rinse anytime you sense they have been working hard.


Immerse yourself in the experience of co-creation, by connecting to your cluster and get personal guidance from an experienced IKYA student.

Join our Open House for Mantra Collection 5! On 19 September –both online and physically – you can experience a teaching with IKYA & get answers to common questions and practical information about this one-year mantra study. Event on Facebook ›
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