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IKYA often talks about how the focus in religions and traditions has been to offer a way out. Throughout human history, life has mostly been extremely challenging. Everybody was fighting for survival. To endure your suffering, you would cling to the hope of something better somewhere else. Spirituality became about disconnecting from human life and pulling away from the pain and suffering.


Today, we need to realize that true spirituality is not about running away, it is not about “somewhere else.” It is about being fully present, fully incarnated in the here and now. We need new approaches and new tools. IKYA offers a way in.



IKYA teaches the next step in spirituality. Often, seekers think they have heard it all before. When they open up to the Presence, they realize that these teachings are truly radical. You will find that everything he teaches is different, wrapped in concepts and words you think you understand at first glance. The deeper you go in these teachings, the more you will be able to deconstruct your entire reality and access a level of existence unknown to most humans.


One area where his teachings are noticeably different is in the emphasis on the Journey’s breath:

In IKYA, we practice both expansion and transcendence on one side, and incarnation and living fully on the other. We see these two movements as the in and out of the Journey’s breath.


Finding the balance between the two movements is considered fundamental to achieve true unfoldment. As a community, we support each other in our explorations, practices and Life Dialogues. We aim at giving each other a nurturing training ground to develop the skills and consciousness needed to become fully awake in our own path and journey.

Anyone can transcend. Moving towards the light is the easy part. This is what spiritual traditions, mystery schools and religions have focused on. It was all about getting out of here. Transcendence will give you insight and expansion, but it only becomes truth when you live it, when you incarnate it. Thus, it is not the journey up the mountain that proves your consciousness, but your journey down. You have to make your spiritual realizations work on all levels of existence. Because ultimately, they are all God. If you still have resistance, if you still get in the way, your realizations were a misunderstanding.



IKYA states: “You always were, and always will be, in the heart of God.” The core of his teachings is that you are already there. The separation from Oneness that results in the individual, is a misunderstanding. Unfolding spiritually is to gradually shed this cloth of misunderstanding and to allow the full consciousness of oneness.


IKYA states that the concept of God only describes the consciousness of the individual with the concept. No matter what we believe, it will change as we grow. Therefore, we can see God as a principle reflecting our current level of realization, and always anticipate that there is more. We should not take any beliefs too seriously, but rather think of them as concepts that guide us in the general direction of growth.


IKYA uses different terms: God, What Is, Life, Nature and others to give our minds different approaches and imagery. This flexibility allows for the mind to not become stuck in any specific concept. By not believing, but by exploring instead, we allow for truth to reveal itself beyond our own concepts.



No matter what tradition or teaching you study, at some point it will lead you to the path of service. When you have reached this level of evolution in your own journey, you will recognize others on this same path of service, regardless of beliefs or practices. You see past differences and beyond the wide variety of roads that led you to this level. You are now on the same path, a path of pure heart and dedication, where service and love for all life permeate through your every thought, emotion and action.


IKYA teaches that divine service is the only true spiritual path. This is when it starts. Because before that, it is all about you. Then you are still dormant, living in the perspective of the ego, where your resistance to life dominates even your spiritual journey. No matter what you experience, the bottom line is, “what’s in it for me?” When moving into service consciousness, your focus will be, “how can I give back?”


IKYA’s teachings will assist you in moving into the service consciousness. They bring you from being in the consumer perspective to becoming one of the caretakers of life. They open your heart and your mind; they free you from suffering; and they expand your awareness beyond what you thought possible — not because you believe, but because you stop believing. You relate to life in a competent, real way. Your eyes are open, and you can hear the Voice of Life.


To him, nothing he teaches is personal, but is the physics of existence. The teachings emphasize going beyond the individual level, seeking absorption in the Ocean of Life. His presence, therefore, represents a principle and not an individual. Relating to this presence as a principle will open the doors to higher consciousness. Focusing on the person will limit you.


IKYA enables you to explore reality and to become fully aware of your own dialogue with Life. Over time, you may become spiritually awake and in full awareness of your own path and unfoldment. IKYA emphasizes that he is not a middle man between you and Life and that you should not submit to him.

His teachings make you independent of teachers and belief systems, capable of understanding your own growth and what it takes to support it. IKYA as a movement is thus a culture of sharing and supporting, not a defined path.

Submission is denial of who and what you are. You and Life are one and the same. If you submit to me, you are in effect telling me that you are not ready.








If you are already there, there is nothing to learn. You need to let go of everything you think you know, which is what keeps you in the illusion of separation.
Thus, the emphasis in the IKYA movement is not on knowledge, but rather on what we live and practice.

IKYA Enlightened master.jpg


You are in an expanded awareness, where you experience being present both in and to yourself, but also to life around you. You sense the love flowing through all life, and all you want is to be in service to it.

IKYA Consciousness is defined as living in full awareness, here and now. We recognize that we are all on different journeys, with different paths and purpose. We do not focus on specific methods or practices, but the intelligence and connection within you that enables you to understand what truly leads you closer to Truth. Only you can decide what is right for your journey.

When you are in alignment with What Is, you find yourself in a state of synchronicity. You experience this as an organic oneness expressing itself, where you and the world around you flow and breathe in harmony. You can see and sense the connections, and you can clearly experience that everything, including you, move in accordance with a common rhythm and musicality.



IKYA teaches spiritual principles. They can all be tested by you. Spiritual principles are laws of nature and the physics of existence. We are encouraged to experiment and to be spiritual scientists exploring the universe. By doing so, truth will show itself. Once you see it, truth becomes part of you. It is not a belief; truth is the breathing reality you experience every day. If something is real, it can be tested and retested, and the result will always be the same.

We offer many tools and avenues of spiritual growth, wherever you are on the planet! Online study courses, seminars, workshops and satsang with the teacher, plus IKYA Therapy, Bodywork and Space Clearing — all giving you a platform and community to be and to walk your own path.

The most important study, however, happens in your own life, where IKYA teaches and guides you directly.

The techniques are dynamic and can be experienced as quite provocative in the beginning. What you will find is that the techniques connect you to your center, to your essence and to Life in ways you have never experienced before.


These are not for worship, but rather are radical spiritual tools that assist you in waking up for real. Your signature (your spiritual DNA or essence), your mind, your body and your life will be connected to flow as one spiritual organism.


By working with IKYA as a teacher and Presence, your life opens up as an enhanced arena for learning and unfoldment. Spiritual principles, your karma and the processes needed for you to grow spiritually, will unfold both in you and around you. Many express that it is like reality itself has expanded to a level of lucidity, where the inner and outer realities blend together, and the collective sense of the world no longer applies.

It takes strength. It takes courage. It takes dedication. There is nowhere to hide. But if you wholeheartedly want unfiltered Truth, your search might be over.

IKYA sitting by the window


Studying spiritual principles and exploring how they apply to our existence is at the core of what the IKYA Movement is about. These teachings inspire you to utilize everything you are to find your true path and to live it in full awareness.

IKYA enables you to explore reality and to become fully aware of your own dialogue with Life. Over time, you may become spiritually awake and in full awareness of your own path and unfoldment. IKYA emphasizes that he is not a middle man between you and Life and that you should not submit to him.

It is all up to you to conduct the experiments needed to bring you to a higher consciousness. IKYA teaches you not only how to apply spiritual principles to your life, but also how to evaluate your results. By understanding the methodology of your dialogue with Life, you will find a level of freedom you have never experienced before. You will not have to believe, follow or submit to anything. You can test whether something actually brings you unfoldment or not. This skill-building and the search for true freedom in our spiritual journeys are often what bring people to IKYA.


We do not believe in withdrawing from life, but rather in mastering it. Life itself is the greatest spiritual practice. Living beyond the individual state is what we all practice every day.

Taking part in the IKYA teachings means to play, explore, love and live your way out of suffering and limiting consciousness and into a concrete awareness of oneness. We invite you to find inspiration and wisdom in these teachings and to apply them in your own way, to your own path.

You gradually learn to transform your everyday life into an arena that promotes growth, healing and love — not just for yourself, but for all life.

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